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What did They Say

Purchasing seems to be the only way for poor nations to develop aircraft carriers.

Capt. Zhang Zhaozhong, Chinese navy's top aircraft carrier expert

I don't think that size of the vessel is the main reason why the Turkish authorities are not allowing to pass. I don't know what the actual reason is.

Oleh Firsov, Varyag's chief engineer at Ukraine's Nikolayev shipyard

You know, we don't call it the Varyag any more. We've got a new name. We call it the Alcatraz.

Ray Aba Gatnam, Filipino master of the Sandy Cape

Since the straits are not going to get bigger this platform should get smaller.

Ramazan Mirzaoglu, Turkish Maritime Affairs Minister

We are a small party caught in between two bigger parties - China and Turkey.

Joop Timmermans, the head of ITC

Strictly speaking, anything can be moved anywhere.

Andreas Tsavliris, the head of Tsavliris

We believe the main purpose for China buying the carrier is not to use it against Taiwan. But the possibility of other uses is still there.

Li Chieh, Navy commander-in-chief

America and Turkey were worried and tried to block the purchase because I was once a military man, but a person can't always choose his identity and background.

Xu Zengping, one of Chinluck's directors

The boldest gamblers might bet on the future of the Varyag.

Gambling Magazine

For God's sake, never gamble heavily and if you can avoid it, dont ever gamble.

Stanley Ho, Macau casino king

The cost of converting the Varyag is enormous. China's carrier capability is some years away.

Commodore Stephen Saunders, Jane's Fighting Ships