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China's aircraft carrier Liaoning will undergo its first interim maintenance

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, returned to Dalian Shipyard dock to undergo its first interim service on April, 17, 2014.    read more ››

Taiwan's Han Kuang war games to simulate Liaoning attack

Taiwan is set to include an attack by China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, in computer-aided war games next month as part of the annual Han Kuang series of military exercises, a defense official said on Tuesday.   read more ››

US defence chief Hagel tours China's Liaoning aircraft carrier

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has toured China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, at the beginning of a three-day visit to China.   read more ››

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Cruises Toward Disputed Waters

The big guns come out on the South China Sea at a time of increasing tensions.   read more ››

China Plans Second, Larger Aircraft Carrier

China is planning a second and larger aircraft carrier, a top naval officer said according to state media Wednesday, after its first carrier was commissioned last year as part of a military buildup.   read more ››

One Landing Does Not Make a Carrier

Last Sunday China’s leadership announced that a J-15 tactical jet had landed on the Liaoning, the refitted Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, for the first time. The news came as little surprise. The flattop has been in commission for over a year now and has undergone a series of sea trials preparing it to conduct flight operations.    read more ››

VIDEO: China's J-15 Taking Off And Landing Aboard Its New Aircraft Carrier

Minnie Chan of the South China Morning Post reported last week on China's first aircraft carrier takeoff and landings on the Liaoning.   read more ››

China's Liaoning aircraft carrier completes test-landing of jets

The People's Liberation Army had successfully conducted the first landing tests of the J-15 fighter jet on its sole aircraft carrier, Xinhua said yesterday. The Chinese-made J-15 fighter landed on the Liaoning carrier, formerly known as the Varyag, during recent exercises, it said. The ship's crew had completed more than 100 tests and training exercises since the vessel was formally commissioned to the navy on September 25, it said.   read more ››

New Naval Era Dawns as China’s Carrier Launches First Jet

China's aircraft carrier has launched and landed her first jet fighters, as shown in photos and videos released over the weekend by Beijing's state media.   read more ››

Liaoning, China's First Aircraft Carrier, Begins Flight Training

Chinese pilots are believed to have been practicing carrier operations on mock flight decks located inland. The carrier is the former Soviet navy's unfinished Varyag, which was towed from Ukraine in 1998 minus its engines, weaponry and navigation systems.   read more ››