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VaryagWorld is dedicated to covering the past, present and future of the Varyag ( Liaoning ) Aircraft Carrier.

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Year 2001 : Chinese investors see the Varyag as a giant pleasure craft. To some military analysts, it's an aircraft carrier which would weight 67,000-tonnes when complete. For many observers, it's a rusted heap of junk.

Year 2011 : China completed its first aircraft carrier.

Year 2012 : Varyag was delivered to the PLA Navy and be named as Liaoning.

Year 2013 : The Liaoning, moors at its homeport in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, February 27, 2013.

The Liaoning sets sail for training in South China Sea, November 26, 2013. (video)


The letter of the two sorries was the letter delivered by the United States Ambassador Joseph Prueher to Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan of the People's Republic of China to defuse the "spy plane crisis" in April 2001. Upon the collision between the U.S. surveillance aircraft (EP-3) and the Chinese fighter (J8), the US plane made an emergency landing on Chinese territory, while the Chinese fighter pilot and his plane were lost.
The Chinese had demanded one million dollars compensation from the U.S. for the lost J8 and their pilot, but this was declined. After a deal, the Varyag got the go-ahead and the delivery of the letter led to the release of the US crew from Chinese custody, as well as the return of the disassembled plane.

A poll conducted in November 2001 and embracing over 4,200 people in Chinese cities gave several answers to the question: "What do you expect during the coming five years?" (The answers were given in descending order of support.)
#16. China will construct its first aircraft carrier: 23.2%

Sea Trials of Varyag

1.10 August 2011 -13 August 2011
2.28 November 2011 -10 December 2011
3.20 December 2011 -29 December 2011
4.7 January 2012 -16 January 2012
5.19 April 2012 -30 April 2012
6.7 May 2012 -16 May 2012
7.23 May 2012 -1 June 2012
8.7 June 2012 -21 June 2012
9.6 July 2012 -30 July 2012
10.27 August 2012 -2 September 2012

Sea Trials of Liaoning

1.11 October 2012 -30 October 2012
2.12 November 2012 -25 November 2012
3.11 June 2013 -3 July 2013
4.15 August 2013 -23 August 2013
5.1 September 2013 -21 September 2013
6.23 October 2013 -11 November 2013
7.26 November 2013 -29 November 2013
8.5 December 2013 - 1 January 2014


Luo Yang, who was in charge of China's J-15 fighter-bomber development program died of a heart attack after two J-15 jets successfully completed a take-off and landing exercise on China's first aircraft carrier.

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China is planning a second and larger aircraft carrier, a top naval officer said according to state media Wednesday, after its first carrier was commissioned last year as part of a military buildup.

One Landing Does Not Make a Carrier

Last Sunday China’s leadership announced that a J-15 tactical jet had landed on the Liaoning, the refitted Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag, for the first time. The news came as little surprise. The flattop has been in commission for over a year now and has undergone a series of sea trials preparing it to conduct...

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