Ahmet H. Demirayak’s long-awaited book, “VARYAG: The Mysterious Journey from Ukraine to China”, is now available globally on Amazon.

VARYAG: The Mysterious Journey from Ukraine to China

A group of high-ranking officers in the Chinese army task a business executive living in Hong Kong to purchase an unfinished aircraft carrier in Ukraine, against the Chinese President's prohibition. It is announced as a floating casino, but its true goal was to provide China with its first aircraft carrier. The purchased vessel, Varyag, quickly captures the attention of international intelligence agencies and the global public. The journey of the massive ship causes a red alert across East Asia, especially Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asian capitals, then the United States and Western countries. The grim reality of the voyage turns out to be quite different and much longer than the Chinese officers' expectations.

The journey starts from Mykolaiv, Ukraine and ends in Dalian, China, over 627 days, with an extended tugboat operation through the Turkish Straits. Spanning Macau, Hong Kong, the US, and Turkey, the events during and before this process are of a nature that will push the boundaries of readers' imagination.

“Varyag: The Mysterious Journey from Ukraine to China” not only sheds light on the obscure parts of an epic journey filled with mystery and intrigue, as a part of the global memory, but also uncovers its unknown aspects through notes, interviews, and documents accumulated over 22 years of investigation.

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